Finally Some Snow : Top 7 & Half Things To Do With Snow

Snow In El Paso

Snow In El Paso

I live in a little town called el paso,tx and although its a hidden treasure with amazing weather year round.Its nice to get some snow.It makes life interesting, so I was inspired to write how you and I and can take full advantage of SNOW.

Lets Begin

1. Snow WARS – ball up some snow balls and launch it are your friends,family, or even neighbors you dont know to well.. It builds love.

2.Yummy yummy snow cones– ball some more snow and put some flavoring on top of it…like some freshly juiced apples. AMAZING.

3. Dashing thru the snow – Sit your behind on a smooth medal dish ball and roll down hills. BE CARFUL this can be extremely fun.

4.Snow Angels – Priceless

5. Snow Man– you can make a whole family of them, imagine what your neighbors would think.

6.Make a wall of snow at the door… imagine what happens when someone opens the door.

7.Dance In the snow – when there’s no rain there is snow.

7 1/2.Snuggle Up – grab someone you love and sit near a fire with a hot cup of cocoa.

I hope this inspires you to go out and enjoy the snow, and not bitch and moan about how cold it is. Remember some people in this world don’t get snow so be greatful:)

Leave your comments below on what you like to do when it snows.


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